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Webinar: Effective Business Continuity & Resiliency

Tuesday April 14th at 11 am ET
(5 pm CEST/4 pm GMT+1)

Many organizations are encountering the very real threat of production delays, supply chain failures, workforce realignment, missed revenue projections and overall mass business disruption. This also means that people are starting to think deeply about core business processes.

iGrafx stands ready to deliver meaningful, actionable, scalable support when it is needed most.  Join us for our latest webinar to discuss:

  • Process-centric business modeling and why it’s needed more than ever for business continuity & resiliency
  • Specific use cases around providing visibility into strategy, supply chain and people planning
  • How to apply technology such as process mining and automation
  • What to be prepared for after COVID 19 to continue to build confidence in your business

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