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Software Update Request

Please Note: Before you install any upgrade or trial version, be sure to follow the instructions for your configuration as described in the iGrafx Desktop Client Upgrade Guide and / or the iGrafx Repository Migration Guide at the iGrafx Help Center to avoid using mixed versions of iGrafx software in your work environment. Using mixed versions will put you at risk for lost work and inaccessible files.

Please enter your contact information so we may verify your Maintenance Agreement. We will use this to communicate with you regarding the details of your Maintenance update.

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Please enter your Maintenance Order Number(s). If you have received a maintenance update notification, your Maintenance Order Number(s) will be included in your email. If you have more than one Order Number, please separate them by using commas.

You will be sent an email with instructions to download and install the software update.
If you are unable to download software over the Internet, please check here.