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In this day and age, business processes quickly become outdated, inefficient, and lack innovation. Pressure to gain an advantage on the competition, address industry consolidation, and global economic forces creates the need to make effective and efficient changes now, or fall by the wayside. iGrafx can help. Our Business Process Improvement Service will help you take on critical process objectives and introduce innovative practices to your organization. Whether your goal is to enrich customer relationships, effectively manage mergers and acquisitions, or strengthen a supply chain, our experienced consultants will ensure your success by addressing specific process-driven challenges, help you raise organizational performance and experience increased ROI.

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Our overall Advanced Improvement Methodology (AIM) includes the Business Process Improvement Service. With this service, based on the proven and reliable LEADing Practice BPM Lifecycle, we enable a clear view into your business processes so you can identify the need for improvements, and effectively analyze them prior to introducing them to the business. Our Business Process Improvement Service will leverage your existing strategies and business processes to quickly identify high-priority process changes, all while ensuring new process definitions are in alignment with your corporate goals and IT solutions. How do we accomplish this?

Business Process Improvement Phases


This phase includes the identification and analysis of critical business factors, business goals and specific process requirements (e.g. business needs and wants), as well as any interlinked business and process demands. Process goals and detailed process requirements are defined, and process choices are clarified through process blueprinting and the initial process landscape is developed. Traditional output of the analyze phase includes problem analysis, high-level as-is analysis, measurement analysis as well as establish business goals.


In the process design phase, we focus on the modeling and analysis of the as-is process and artifacts of the organization. Using the results from the analyze phase, the more detailed business process models will be developed using existing materials, desk-side interviews, data collection, and structured analysis workshops with the subject matter experts. A set of business models will be developed that reflect the business activities and information flows, and how they interact in response to business events in order to produce the necessary work products of the business domain.


The process build phase includes the creation of the to-be process design and artifacts of the organization. This phase takes into account the identified business requirements and the different process design solutions that have been generated for the purpose of process construction. This phase is where the process models are created. This also includes enabling of the change management aspects of the to-be process innovation and/or transformation in the value driven process design, and the alignment of the to-be processes with existing strategy, business and IT artifacts.

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