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Empowering Business Process Management Capability

Leading organizations from industries and sectors around the globe have turned to iGrafx as they establish their Enterprise Business Process Management Program to help drive their business innovation and transformation initiatives. From business architecture to business process analysis, process automation and performance monitoring, iGrafx will help you deploy a higher level of Business Process Management capability within your organization so you are positioned to get critical projects across the finish line on time and within budget.

How it works


iGrafx will work with you to gain a thorough understanding of your organization’s goals and expectations, and develop a plan to quickly and effectively implement the iGrafx Business Process Management environment and an internal delivery competency, specifically configured to suit your needs.


We will identify your current practices, then define the methodology and standards required to create consistent, high quality enterprise deliverables that will support the specific enterprise Business Process Management initiatives performed by your organization.


Next, we will develop enterprise model frameworks that are customized to classify your organization's processes, organizations/roles, applications, technologies and the goals by which they are measured. We'll also define your governance processes for managing iGrafx repositories, methodologies and standards. We'll ensure the quality, value and the sustainability of the enterprise knowledge repository.


We will train and mentor a core group of business analysts, and prove out the Business Process Management approach on a real-life project, all while gaining commitment from the business and IT community. Next, we'll assess and plan competency delivery.


Want to take this even further? iGrafx will execute the competency delivery plan, and help you conduct meaningful innovation and transformation projects by bringing your organization's business process management capability up to an appropriate maturity level that will include methodology, organization, standards, governance, training, user support and security.

Get more details about how our experienced consultants will help ensure your success by employing proven deployment best practices, getting your program up and running quickly and effectively so your organization can make informed decisions and enable continuous process improvement - all within iGrafx.

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