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Sometimes a second set of trained eyes is necessary to help identify key areas for improvement. We’ll provide you with an unbiased view into strengths and weaknesses within your business processes, and prepare you to better manage your processes for improved productivity, increased collaboration across departments and higher cost savings.

How it works

The objective of our assessment is to evaluate the current state of your process management program, identify necessary areas of improvement, and recommend a plan that will help you successfully support business process management or improvement initiatives.

Assessments are useful for organizations that have already adopted iGrafx at any level, or for organizations that have not yet standardized on a BPM technology.


Via collaborative work sessions, our consultants will examine and analyze business processes to discover opportunities for improvement. We’ll review your current process approach and assess how the structure, content, and accessibility support:

  • A sound process excellence methodology
  • Sustaining a continuous process improvement culture
  • A process maturity path

Our assessment takes into account the frequency, complexity and effect of your current business processes and how they impact your ROI.


Our team will deliver a plan that includes the steps necessary to achieve the desired future state of business optimization for your organization. We’ll communicate the importance of adjustments to the existing configuration, discuss opportunities to enhance the value of the iGrafx footprint within your organization, and document recommended changes.

Let iGrafx Consulting help you on the path to process excellence by creating a specific plan uniquely tailored for your business. We’ll help enable a culture of continuous process improvement within your organization so you can realize increased productivity and profits.

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