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In today's dynamic business climate, rapid design and deployment capabilities are necessary to provide business groups with the agility and control they need to manage processes through to execution. You have no choice but to create reliable, repeatable processes that reduce costs and lead times, and maintain transparency into process performance to quickly adapt to constant change. The iGrafx Process Automation model-driven design approach ensures the seamless synchronization of your detailed business process models with the real-life deployment of process workflow.

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Our proven and reliable advanced improvement methodology for modeling, analyzing, and automating business processes, leverages a model-driven approach that takes advantage of your existing business process definitions and our library of templates to rapidly deliver a solution that ensures appropriate handoffs and the delivery of clear information to each user as the process flows along quickly and effectively. How do we do it?

Process Automation Phases


First we'll model and analyze the processes, roles and systems of the area under study, then develop the supporting automation requirements. This design phase begins with the creation of a business process model, to the "role" level, identifying process triggers, hand-offs, business rules, information flows, and integrations with existing IT investments such as ERP and ECM solutions. The process model is then further characterized with automation requirements, including User Form Requirements, System Integration Requirements, Data Requirements, Functional Requirements, and Security Requirements.


We'll then move on to the creation of the automated process workflow and forms, and then deliver a fully tested solution. This build phase begins with prioritizing and scheduling the automation requirements into regularly scheduled iterative prototypes that will be continuously refined during the rapid development of the solution. As solution cycles are completed, the functionality and usability is fully tested in preparation for deployment.


This phase includes the creation and delivery of user training, and the deployment of the solution into user community hands. Similar to the build phase, the deployment phase can be iterative, as fully tested solution cycles are developed and tested. Once the solution is in the hands of the trained user community, the resulting deliverables are re-aligned to your existing Strategies, Processes, and IT artifacts currently defined in your iGrafx repository.

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