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If you're an existing iGrafx customer in need of support to augment your process and architecture resources, we have an expert on hand that can work side-by-side with your team. Whether you have a dedicated center of excellence, or take a de-centralized approach, iGrafx has you covered with experts that can help fill the gaps, maintain the momentum, and effectively transfer knowledge from iGrafx consultants to your staff.

With specialized competencies, iGrafx consultants can fill a variety of roles alongside your team:

Senior Business Process Consultant

We'll help you round out the vision of your iGrafx Platform and ensure your modeling environment is one that provides for the highest level of quality models and content, and is sustainable for the long-term.

Senior Business Architect

We can help you bring your architecture needs to life in iGrafx, from understanding your key principles, to designing and deploying a solution in iGrafx, to establishing an approach for aligning your architecture with the execution of enterprise modeling projects.

Senior Business Process Analyst

We'll assist you with business process improvement and requirement analysis projects, ensuring your models and supporting documentation are ready for implementing process change and/or future automation.

Our consultants have substantial iGrafx, process analysis, simulation, business requirements and workshop facilitation experience.

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