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BPM Consulting

Our consultants have decades of experiences and have helped clients across every industry achieve the results they needed. To take your process improvement efforts to the next level, talk to us about our advanced services and resource augmentation for projects. Work with us to scope, define requirements, plan and meet your short and long term objectives.

Whatever your need is, iGrafx Professional Services can help you get it solved.

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Process Optimization

Whether your company is growing and operations are getting more complex, or your business is trying to pull through tough times, one question remains the same: How do you streamline operations and deliver increased customer satisfaction while reducing costs?

  • Process discovery workshop facilitation
  • Eliminate redundancy and maximize resources through LEAN and process simulation for continuous improvement (CI).
  • Reduce cycle time by analyzing your processes and eliminating unnecessary steps
  • Understand and optimize cross-organizational processes by having clear visibility into ownership, handoffs and relationships to all aspects of the business
  • Deploy your optimized process designs to production in the business and collect real process data to further improve operations

iGrafx has helped hundreds of organizations worldwide to lower cost, increase efficiency, and ensure the success of process improvement initiatives by providing a platform to capture, analyze and continually improve how work is performed.

Workflow Automation

Work smarter not harder with Human Workflow Automation.  By integrating system and human activities through a web-based interface, activities can now be prioritized to ensure that compliance, service levels and core business objectives are met.  Our consultants can identify ways to automate the process that will work through silos and cause the organization to view the requests / transactions / work end to end.

  • Transparency of status
  • Notification of work
  • Clearly defined process ownership
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Greater Process & Resource Efficiency
  • Minimize risk of process failure
  • Improved overall process compliance
  • Reduced cost

RPA Assessment

You need to get started with your Robotic Process Automation (RPA) deployment, but where do you begin?  Not all processes are created equal, and just because you can automate it does not mean that you should. Deciding which processes to automate and in what order is the first step in ensuring that your project will be successful.

An RPA assessment provides:

  • Integrated assessment questionnaire for reviewing existing or creation of new process
  • Standardized process of review
  • Identification of the best candidates for RPA based on effort and complexity
  • Reporting to identify possible cost/FTE savings
  • Way to ensure alignment with strategic goals

Business Architecture

You need to drive Business Performance. With iGrafx, you can see multiple dimensions of your business through your processes:

  • Repository & governance assessment/health check
  • Process maturity assessment and road mapping
  • Hierarchical process landscape allows easy access to process knowledge
  • Align process optimization with company strategy
  • Identify and mitigate process risk and ensure compliance
  • Leverage operational KPIs to effectively monitor business performance
  • Manage SAP projects from a process perspective