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Online Training

iGrafx online training is an effective way for groups and individuals to learn iGrafx in a hands-on, collaborative setting. This cost effective solution is offered in half-day increments. With iGrafx software installed, each individual uses their own machine in an instructor-led “web meeting” environment.

Online sessions are available for FlowCharter, Process and Process for Six Sigma, and can be taken individually or back to back. Students will be provided with training materials for the courses they are enrolled in.

Scheduled Training Courses

Private Training

Private training offers the best of both worlds: your very own iGrafx training professional working at your facility on convenient dates you schedule. This very popular solution ensures all of your professionals get the training they need without the added cost burden of arranging travel and lodging as well as time away from the office. Our instructors bring the training materials while you provide the training space, individual workstations for participants, and installation of our software before the session commences.

Course Descriptions

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