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This course is designed to provide Business Modelers and Business Architects with the capabilities to align company processes, resources, and systems with corporate goals and strategies by using the iGrafx Platform’s secured and collaborative environment.

These capabilities enable basic compliance management, risk management, performance management, enterprise architecture, and quality improvement initiatives.

This course assumes that you have already taken the iGrafx Collaborative Process Management training class.

During the class, you’ll learn how to model your enterprise in several stages, or phases in an ongoing, iterative process. The phases and depth of your enterprise modeling depends upon many factors unique to your organization.

You’ll construct the enterprise model in a style that allows for analysis and reporting. These model construction aspects are covered:

  • Specifying the enterprise structure including organization resources, requirements, and external factors
  • Describing the processes and activities to sufficient detail to allow analysis and improve enterprise performance
  • Defining the organization performance objectives in the form of strategies, goals, and specific measurements
  • Modeling risks that might impact enterprise success
  • Modeling internal and external controls, or audit areas, that ensure compliance with internal and external requirements
  • Adding Work Product objects to show how data, business and information objects flow between processes and external entities
  • Defining object and diagram relationships

The class will also discuss how to proceed after the above knowledge in place, the next phases are typically:

  1. Compose and document a plan of action. Describe what actions are needed to improve enterprise performance to better align with the enterprise model you have constructed.
  2. Commit to action. Put your documented plan into action.
  3. Recapture the changed state of your enterprise. The future state you had been reaching for may now be the current state. Capture the current state of your enterprise, and repeat the cycle of enterprise modeling.

Duration: 1/2 day

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Additional Information

The contents of training courses may vary according to the location or country of delivery.

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