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This workshop supplies you with the skills and knowledge to make the iGrafx Platform work for you and your organization. This workshop introduces the use of iGrafx Platform repositories with iGrafx diagramming tools (web-based or client-based). The course is typically delivered in conjunction with a workshop regarding diagramming with the web or iGrafx client. During the lecture/discussion portion of each topic, students replicate the instructor's examples on their own computers.

The training is designed to accelerate and improve team collaboration in your organization. The class focuses primarily on key functionality to enable iGrafx® users to become proficient in the daily usage of the centralized repository. The agenda teaches students:

  • How to navigate through the iGrafx® Platform via the web interface
  • How to store, link, retrieve, search and edit repository content via the Desktop Client (if installed) and web browser interfaces
  • How to trigger and participate in cycle management (e.g. approval process) activities
  • How to create repository resource objects (e.g. organizations, groups, roles, people) and reference them in diagrams
  • How to identify the repository items that have been recently modified
  • How to compare diagram versions
  • How to “watch” items in the repository so that you’re automatically notified of modifications, approvals, and/or comments
  • How to report on repository content
  • How to create simple dashboards that help manage repository content

Technical Repository Administrators and Business Repository Administrators can benefit greatly from this course because some of the additional topics that are covered in this course may be part of their domain, such as:

  • An overview of the iGrafx® Platform
  • User groups creation for managing permissions and license assignments
  • A detailed discussion of the security / permissions model in the iGrafx® Platform

This page outlines the standard agenda. Organizations can customize this agenda to fit their specific needs. For example, perhaps students do not have rights to manage object permissions so that topic is skipped and other topics are covered in greater detail.

Duration: 1.5 days

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Additional Information

The contents of training courses may vary according to the location or country of delivery.

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