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Process architecture and business object modeling & reporting. Process based risk & controls modeling & reporting. Business & process performance management.

Our Architecture and PRC service is designed for customers already use an iGrafx platform for collaborative process management and who are:

  • New to process architecture in an object oriented database and platform
  • New to business modeling and architecture in an object oriented database and platform
  • Risk professionals who want a process based, holistic risk and controls modeling and reporting environment for assessment and audits
  • Business area and process owners looking for an integrated way to manage performance and prioritize process improvement projects

What's Included:

  • Initial process landscape creation
  • Prioritization and initial creation of business modeling objects - strategy, goal, requirement, work products and other objects
  • Initial creation of repository custom properties, which will be used for advanced object modeling and reporting
  • Initial creation of reports and dashboards
  • Training for process architecture and business modeling topics
  • Risk and controls modeling
  • Risk and controls custom properties modeling and reporting
  • Performance indicator modeling and chart creation
  • Initial configuration and connection for Extract Transform Load (ETL) data loading
  • PRC training

Setting: one on-site visit + remote finish

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