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Visualize Change Before You Make It

Pressure to adapt to current market conditions, brought on by industry consolidation and global economic forces create the need to understand your business processes and be poised to make effective and efficient changes. The RIGHT changes enable some organizations to grow and thrive while permitting others to maintain current levels of profitability, retain key employees and difficult to replace resources, and be ready to respond to economic rebound when it occurs. The WRONG changes may over burden an organization with inefficient processes that cause it to be left behind when the rebound occurs.

iGrafx® enables organizations to efficiently document, model, analyze, and improve processes and effectively manage changes as they’re introduced. Once processes are modeled and deployed, Continuous Improvement and rapid business decisions are much easier.

Critical to any successful process improvement initiative is the ability to identify and analyze improvements to the process prior to introducing them into the business. iGrafx enables organizations to gain a greater understanding of their processes by graphically mapping, modeling, then thoroughly analyzing processes in which improvements are desired.

To implement resulting changes, iGrafx allows process models to be seamlessly exported to business process management systems (BPMS).

iGrafx Enables Process Excellence

iGrafx offers organizations a unique value proposition for increasing their ROI from process improvement:

  • Project alignment to company strategy and priorities
  • Insight into current process behavior and expected outcomes; plus continued monitoring of results
  • Organization-wide framework for process improvement that meets the unique needs of individual stakeholders as well as the needs of the organization
  • Role-based access to process assets and business knowledge

Business Process Improvement Products: