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Financial Services

All opportunities and risks in view

Investment, Banking… Financial Services companies are driven to maximize customer loyalty and win new customers through customer-centric operations, while navigating the complexities of regulatory measures and compliance. iGrafx has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry to optimize their service delivery, align process performance to customer satisfaction objectives and comply with Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulations, through an organization-wide platform for process excellence.

For over two decades, iGrafx has helped Financial Services Organizations to achieve goals such as:

  • Re-engineer processes to meet the changing needs of customers
  • Optimize business processes and resources for reduced cost and greater efficiency
  • Ensure operations and improvement programs are aligned with business strategy
  • Comply with regulations for enterprise-wide accountability and process transparency
  • Manage and reduce the risks associated with organizational process change
  • Measure and monitor the effectiveness of end-to-end processes


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Case Study

See how management at a major multinational bank uses iGrafx to measure actual process performance to drive forward impressive process improvement initiatives.

Company-wide transparency

Die LBS vertraut auf Compliance Software für Banken von iGrafx

“The transparency of the platform promotes process thinking and communication among employees. At this point, many colleagues and employees have once again become aware of the complex interrelationships that are actually hidden behind their daily work.”

Petra Bill
Project Management