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Business process optimization with iGrafx

Demographic change, fierce competition, limited financial leeway: transparent and efficient processes for customer care are crucial for the insurance industry. Large health insurance companies face challenges such as the uniform recording of processes according to predefined standards and with a representation method as well as an efficient and clear weak point analysis for the derivation of potentials for process management. These and other reasons lead insurance companies to initiate a technical redesign and to present their processes in an employee-oriented and structured manner.

The iGrafx Business Transformation Platform helps insurance companies to capture, model, optimize and monitor their business processes. With our software solutions, objectives such as increasing the quality of data capture and review and reducing costs through process reliability and transparency are achieved.

For insurance companies of all specialties and sizes – from life insurance to liability insurance – it is also important to maintain automated communication between processes and departments. iGrafx Process Automation guarantees a significant speed increase in internal processes and workflows by automating recurring processes. Discover how iGrafx can support you in our customer stories.


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