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iGrafx assists Telecommunications service providers to gain competitive advantage and improve customer service through strategy-driven process optimization. In an effort to face competitive pressures that continue to increase at an accelerating rate, companies are driving improvement throughout their organization with methodologies such as Six Sigma and Lean. At the same time, customer demands and regulatory requirements have created a host of process-centric standards such as ISO and Sarbanes-Oxley. iGrafx solutions enable telecom companies to define, analyze and improve business processes as competitive assets that help them fulfill requirements and deliver customer value.


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Case Study

A UK-based telecommunications group has been providing data, voice, and managed services to enterprise customers and governments across Europe since 1993. For the first time ever, management and all staff can see and understand in detail how processes actually work from a customer’s perspective.

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“Not only has iGrafx allowed us to significantly improve the quality of our process documentation, it’s also a key stepping stone in helping everyone within the company to understand how processes work and where improvements can be made, helping us offer customers new and innovative services, whilst maintaining our reputation for quality and service.”

Senior Program Manager
Telecom Group