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Thank you for purchasing iGrafx software. Software installation packages for the current version of iGrafx desktop modeling applications are available below.

Licensed Products:

iGrafx Origins Release

iGrafx FlowCharter
iGrafx Process
iGrafx Process for Six Sigma
iGrafx IDEF0

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For additional Interfaces (XPDL or XML) please contact your Account Manager or call 503.404.6050

Free Viewer:

iGrafx Viewer

Share your iGrafx files with this free software! The iGrafx Viewer enables viewing and printing of all iGrafx documents, but not saving or editing them. There is no need to install the Viewer if you already have a licensed version of iGrafx FlowCharter or any iGrafx Process edition.

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Release Date: Apr 02, 2018
Size: 88 MB
MD5 hash: 0f3e2a051ffaefaaeb52299f8b2cd736
Languages: Chinese, English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish
System Requirements: Click here for details.
Existing Installs: Refer to the Knowledge Base and refer to the iGrafx Repository Migration Guide