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The Latest in Digital Transformation


As you have probably seen, we recently partnered with PEX Network, to release a primary research report around the topic of disruption. The report does a great job capturing the latest and greatest information around topics like how to select the right processes to automate, how to measure ROI from transformation projects, what are appropriate transformation budgets and what projects will be most important over the next 18 months.

You can download the entire report here to answer these questions, and more. In today’s blog, we’re going to focus on a small piece of the report.

We asked more than 150 business leaders and digital business transformation experts from 36 different industries the following questions:

  • Digital transformation has most strongly affected my organization’s…
  • Which is most important to you – innovation, transformation, automation or disruption?
  • How do you REALLY feel about transformation?

Below you will find the detailed insights provided, along with the thoughts of our partners at the PEX Network.

While the term ‘digital transformation’ points to technology causing disruption, the effect is not on the technology itself – the impact is most keenly felt by the people in the organization and the processes they carry out. Historically, organizations have tried to address digital transformation through technology – sometimes unwittingly impacting on people and processes. If the key to success of a project is getting people on board, consider the high number of digital transformation initiatives to date that have been less than successful, and draw your own conclusions. 

Additionally, there are some key questions you may want to ask yourself around this:

  • Where does digital transformation have the greatest impact in your organization?
  • What are you doing to make transitions easier, sustainable, and profitable?
  • How are you engaging people and assessing impact on operations before layering on new technology?

This question was interesting because of the small margin by which innovation was at the top. It highlights the overlap (and confusion) around these buzzwords… We were curious to see which rose to the top of the buzzword soup, and arguably the amount of crossover makes this too close to call. However, even with the tight margin between answers, it is telling that “innovation” – the outcome that enables “disruption” – ranked most important as we can see by the survey results in total, people care most about the business impact rather than the technology in itself.

And finally, we wanted to see what people really think about Transformation. We asked them to use up to 5 words to describe how they felt about it.

It’s very intriguing to see responses like “must survive”, “required” and “necessary. This supports the idea that digital transformation is here to stay and is considered a critical initiative. And it’s crucial to consider transformation in the context of your business processes to create a positive impact on your business.

Finally, don’t forget to download the entire report to see everything the top leaders are saying about disruption, digital transformation and process automation. You can get your copy here.

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