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Transforming Healthcare Through Innovation


When we think of the use of technology, no sector simultaneously delivers innovation and lags behind in adoption as much as the Healthcare industry. While we often hear about cutting edge uses of robotics for procedures, or the development and advancement of new medicines that improve and increase patient life expectancy and quality, we have also all felt the pain of broken or inefficient internal processes in areas as seemingly simple as scheduling or billing.

Recently during iGrafx Virtual iNNOVATE, Don Kuk, spoke about his experiences as Chief Transformation Officer for the nation’s largest pediatric medical practice and the world’s fourth largest pharmaceutical company. In his segment, Don spoke about the how understanding process was fundamental part of  knowing when and what types of technology to apply. When combining good process management practices with technologies such as RFID, RPA, and Automation, companies have been able to quickly identify possible process efficiencies and improve overall productivity and patient care.

In the below video, Don reviews one case study where RFID is combined with iGrafx to track pharmaceutical production from the receipt of raw materials through to product delivery and billing.

If you would like to see more presentation from this years iGrafx Virtual iNNOVATE! you can register here to watch them on-demand.

If you would like more information about the link between Transformation and Process Management, click here to download our analyst report from Charles Araujo from Intellyx.

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