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Model and analyze your business processes to achieve tangible benefits

Choose the methodology that is right for you (Lean, Six Sigma, BPMN, etc.)

  • Satisfy the needs of your process practitioners to ease adoption.
  • Apply the right tool for the right job.
  • Leverage existing captured process knowledge

Powerful process modeling to accurately represent current state

  • Easily and accurately capture from basic to intricate process model behavior.
  • Fully articulate model with Resources, Cost, and other constraints & properties.
  • Perform “path”, “timeline”, “rollup” or other static analysis techniques to get visibility to previously hidden opportunities.

Steer the future with simulation and “What If” analysis

  • Perform dynamic analysis (discrete event simulation) to foresee the results of changes.
  • Visualize animation of simulation steps to identify bottlenecks and delays.
  • View side-by-side comparison of the As-Is and To-Be.
  • Easily design full factorial experiments, risk-free.
  • Improve accuracy of simulation results through statistical fitting of real world data.

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