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Aligning the Organization

Developing a comprehensive framework for managing and aligning an organization's business processes and information technology with its overall strategy is the key to Enterprise Architecture. iGrafx provides an Enterprise Architecture environment that helps organizations understand the contributions of their current architecture and how to plan and implement changes for improvement.

A Model Driven Approach to Excellence

iGrafx helps companies implement a structured approach to Enterprise Architecture. Through a powerful combination of modeling technology to visually document and present organizational data including strategies, roles, controls and risks, a metamodel to define and structure organizational data and a central repository to store and manage organizational data, iGrafx provides a leading platform for the efficient modeling of the entire enterprise.

With iGrafx, organizations can leverage the knowledge contained in the framework to improve and streamline operations and systems to better align with strategic objectives. Using iGrafx, companies can:

  • Achieve greater understanding of the linkage between systems and processes as well as inter-system interactions
  • Ensure alignment of IT with the needs of the business
  • Improve delivery of solutions that better meet the needs of the business
  • Identify unused technology components which still consume resources
  • Identify the current and future state technology landscape
  • Improve ROI from technology investments through reuse as well as retiring unused assets
  • Identify gaps in support of processes, competencies, and critical success factors
  • Leverage efforts from process improvement methodologies including Six Sigma and Lean for higher impact solutions

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