Control Complexity: Optimisation, Efficiency, Compliance, and Risk Management

Successful organisations are those that can maintain reliable product and service delivery while adapting to change and managing costs. These results are achieved with the effective management of process, compliance, and risk. However, many medium and large businesses need better ways to deal with the complexity of their environment.

By establishing the right transparency and visibility, individuals and teams across the organisation can collaborate, analyse, and execute processes effectively to optimise performance.

In this webinar hosted by 3Pillars.Digital, Steve Ibbotson and Jon Wilson will join global specialists from iGrafx to provide insights about how to:

  • Achieve and maintain innovative product and service delivery
  • Manoeuvre through complex change
  • Make process ownership transparent and the responsibility of everyone
  • Continuously improve and deliver enhanced performance with less effort

Risk, audit, governance, and compliance are often seen as separate functions and the responsibility of a department or individual. However, driving the responsibilities, visibility, and ownership of these functions to the entire organisation yields a more a full process view and ownership for business improvement and operational excellence.


Steve Ibbotson, Director, 3Pillars.Digital

Steve Ibbotson

photo of Jon Wilson

Jon Wilson

Taito Nakagawa

Taito Nakagawa
President APAC & LATAM

Don Hart
Senior Product Marketing Manager

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