iGrafx Process360 Live Solution Series: Automated Compliance

Featuring iGrafx Solutions Engineer, James Berrocales

Compliance is constantly evolving, expensive, and time-consuming for many businesses, especially those in highly regulated industries. The consequences of non-compliance can be catastrophic to a business. Relying on simple documented procedures and human interventions does not give companies the protection they need.

Watch the On Demand Webinar from April 20th to learn why organizations rely on Process360 Live to automate many compliance aspects.

Including automating compliance processes and generating triggers and alerts when potential compliance issues arise. It supports not only compliance but assists with conformance at both the regulatory and operational performance levels.

For additional topics in Automated Compliance, please enjoy convenient access to our library of on-demand resources.


James Berrocales

James Berrocales

Solutions Engineer


Don Hart

Don Hart

Director of Global Marketing

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March 29, 2023

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