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End to End Process Landscape

Use operational, supporting and reference layers and relate to key business factors

View processes from multiple dimensions to make sense of the chaos

  • Go beyond simple hierarchical folders with a layered interrelated process landscape.
  • See the end to end process value chain.
  • View of operational processes through supporting processes.
  • Identify operational processes gaps against best practice reference processes.
  • Flexible navigation to suit your needs.
  • Link process diagrams and other documentation to identify information gaps.

Understand resource and role operational activity responsibility

  • Track process ownership and resource responsibility (RACI).
  • Understand impact of turnover on your operations.
  • Use Role assignments to reduce user maintenance.
  • Report on responsibility gaps within your processes.

See how IT systems, applications and data support processes

  • Capture supporting IT infrastructure and architecture to a detailed level.
  • Identify and allocate for use within process landscape.
  • Understand impact of system instability on your operations and identify gaps.

Track Compliance and overseeing Business Rules in the context of Process

  • Visualize which processes must fulfill compliance and regulatory requirements.
  • Set rules to control the behavior of your business in order to validate compliance.
  • Report on uncontrolled compliance gaps.
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