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Connect the Dots Between Transformation Vision and Operational Reality

The pace of business change is accelerating, seemingly every month. Enterprises are struggling to maintain their competitive position. 43 of today’s top 100 global companies were not on the list in 2008, and 88% of the original Fortune 500 are also off the current list.

Businesses often have a picture in their minds of the results they want to achieve. The challenge they face is a lack of clarity around where they are today and how to make forward progress. Many are flying blind and making decisions with limited or bad information.

We believe process is at the center of everything. It’s what has driven our employees and our business strategy since our founding. We help companies convert their processes into valuable assets. This helps our customers differentiate themselves from the competition and win in their markets.

A common question we ask companies is: How many processes do you use to run your business? There are potentially hundreds, even thousands. Everything from hiring, compliance, quote-to-cash, order management, etc. is a process.

What’s interesting is many companies struggle to define and identify the processes used to run their business effectively. They often know how many employees there are, or how many applications they use. When it comes to what those employees do, or how they use those applications, they lack transparency. This makes it nearly impossible to identify bottlenecks, risks or otherwise and enable leadership to make decisions on how to improve or change things. It leads to a ready, fire, aim approach that fails and they’re forced to go back to the beginning.

Our goal is to enable every individual in an organization to understand their part in the bigger picture. We do this by helping people collaborate cross-functionally to gain visibility into the entire business.

In doing this, our customers turn hidden and inefficient processes into valuable assets that differentiate the organization from its peers.

With clarity provided by key members of IT, operations, compliance, etc. executives can be confident they are making informed business decisions. This leads to improved operational performance, the ability to adapt and change business models and transform the company into a leader.

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