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Managing Process Change

We’ve all heard that the main reason companies fail is their inability to adapt to economic and market changes. To stay in the game, how do you quickly adapt to outside factors and drive change from the top down through all levels of the company?

Or perhaps more importantly, how do you empower your employees to make changes from the bottom up, with full transparency and collaboration?

With iGrafx, your organization will

  • Respond quickly to current market conditions and changing business needs by understanding the impact of shifting strategies, requirements and controls
  • Understand relationships between people, process and technology, thus equipping itself with the ability to better identify and assess the impact of change, limiting disruptions to the business
  • Ensure that all changes to process are formally acknowledged by all stakeholders affected
  • Simulate process changes to optimize or predict the effects before implementation
  • Take a holistic approach in reducing and managing governance risks

iGrafx helps drive change and manage risk by allowing companies to understand impacts of change to processes, resources, and business goals as well as effectively enabling compliance management, risk management and enterprise architecture initiatives.

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