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Empower Your Center of Excellence (CoE)

Often, a CoE is created when there is a recognized knowledge deficit within an organization. For example, a company may form a new Center of Excellence to manage the adoption and integration of robotic process automation (RPA) or a new regulatory requirement (i.e. GDPR). Regardless of the reason, an important goal of a CoE is to eliminate inefficiency and help move the organization to the next level of a maturity model. To do this they must include representatives from, and establish clear ownership within, management of the line(s) of business, as well as IT.

We consider a CoE to be a “Center of Empowerment.”  Instead of telling the CoE what to do, a business should embrace the autonomy and creative skills of the members, much like NASA relies on their astronauts to be sure that missions are accomplished.  Astronauts are enabled by the command center – not inhibited by it.

A Center of Excellence (CoE) is often challenged with the following tasks:

  • Defining a common set of best practices and work standards
  • Assessing, or helping others to assess, the maturity of those best practices and standards
  • Providing direct (i.e., in-person) and/or indirect (e.g., instructional content, tools & templates, etc.) guidance and support to assist in implementing these best practices
  • Implementing Governance standards to ensure those best practices and standards are followed
  • Recommending and leading Continuous Improvement initiatives
  • Prioritizing, monitoring and managing automation projects
  • Reporting on KPIs related to those best practices and improvement initiatives
  • And managing, monitoring and sharing all of the above in a single, cohesive system

iGrafx provides all the tools and expertise necessary to ensure your Center of Excellence is successful.

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