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Optimize Customer Experience

A journey map is a timeline of actions that describe the relationship between your company and either its internal or external customers. Or both. It provides a visualization of all interactions with your organization, from the point of view of your customer, user, partner, or product.

And if it isn’t directly linked to your operational model, it isn’t much more than an expensive pretty picture.

Taking the time to map out your journeys and linking them to business processes provides a unique view of processes, breaks down departmental silos, and allows you to understand – and adjust – your business operations accordingly. Unquestionably, happy customers and satisfied employees create business value. With iGrafx journey maps, which link directly to underlying operational processes, your ability to tangibly increase value is immediate.

Most businesses are disrupted because they expect yesterday’s customer experience to be sufficient today.  And tomorrow.  Ask Blockbuster how that worked out for them?  Or Yellow Cab?  Or the millions of people who do their shopping on instead of driving to a store.

Customer experience is the primary impetus for digital transformation.  Don’t get disrupted.

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  • Immediate integration of various Journey types, e.g. Customer, Partner, and Employee.
  • Direct linking of (Customer) Journey Maps with the existing company structure and processes.
  • Analysis and Reporting on applied Journeys, Moments, as well as Touchpoints.
  • Linking with iGrafx Performance Management to measure performance on specific touchpoints.
  • Flexible graphical design possibilities by using tailored shapes and methodologies.