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Quality Management System & Information Management System

Regulatory, governmental and industry certifications are a fact of life.  And instead of decreasing in number, they’re multiplying – particularly for multinational organizations.  Whether it’s a global certification like ISO, SOC or CSA Star, a US Government certification like NIST, DoD or FedRAMP, a region/country specific certification like PASF (UK) or EBA (EU) or an industry specific certification like HIPAA, MPAA, or SOX, you have to comply to be competitive.

But it’s more than that.  Displaying the proper array of certifications proves to customers that you are focused on consistently meeting their requirements and increasing their satisfaction.

To get to the prize (certification) you may attempt an internally run project or incur the considerable expense of a 3rd party expert consulting organization to help expedite what can take a very long time.  Either way, you will need a formalized system that documents all of your processes and procedures and maintains relationships to those responsible.

iGrafx delivers the platform necessary to discover and capture processes, as well as inevitable and necessary ongoing process change.  Organizations will structure their process landscape to pull together all required documentation and manage change effectively going forward.

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