Business Continuity & Resiliency

Over the past years the entire globe has been thrown into a bit of chaos and uncertainty. Regardless of industry, many organizations are encountering production delays, supply chain failures, issues realigning their workforces, missed revenue projections and other mass business disruptions. This also means that people are starting to think more deeply about their core business processes.

For over 30 years, iGrafx has helped enterprises address a wide array of complex problems including business continuity and resiliency, and we always start by explaining that having a process-centric approach is a fundamental requirement. There are many other organizations that offer services in the area of business continuity and resiliency, but if those services are outside the context of the process-centric business model, the services will be lacking and will leave a variety of gaps that may be difficult to identify and report.

iGrafx Board Advisor, Ed Maddock, has published a handbook for Process-Centric Business Modeling, explaining why it’s needed more than ever for business continuity & resiliency.

Download our whitepaper to understand: Durch Prozessmanagement mit iGrafx betriebliche Kontinuität sichern

  • The difference between data and impact
  • How to mitigate major disruptive events
  • The key components of a business model
  • How to apply technology
  • What to be prepared for after COVID 19 to continue to build confidence in your business
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