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Business Process Management & Process Automation: Paving the Way for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is profoundly changing the economy. Ever shorter innovation cycles, rapidly changing customer requirements and increasingly fierce competition are putting companies under increasing pressure. Any company that ignores it risks being be driven out of the market. On the one hand, digitization offers numerous opportunities and advantages: it increases efficiency, productivity and saves time and money. It allows a better use of resources, faster development and manufacturing of new products and better consideration of customer requirements.

On the other hand, many companies feel overwhelmed by the numerous tasks of digital transformation. These includes developing digital business models, products and services, making the organization more agile and, specifically, digitizing business processes as far as possible. The application of Business Process Management (BPM) and process automation solutions offers the best prerequisites for successfully
mastering these challenges.

BPM follows a holistic approach and involves the identification, design, documentation, implementation, monitoring and improvement of business processes. In addition, it also considers the strategic focus, the organizational culture, as well as integration and management of all those involved in the process, from employees to customers and suppliers. The combination of BPM and process automation makes it possible to get a clear overview of processes in the company, to improve them and to make them more efficient. This allows for a much better
adaptation of existing structures and processes to the digital world and helps to avoid serious errors.

Download our whitepaper to learn:

  • What challenges companies face with digital transformation
  • Why BPM and process automation is the critical to digital transformation
  • What the benefits of Business Process Management are
  • The success criteria for good process automation


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