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Business / Department Manager

As a general manager, line-of-business leader or department head, you are constantly looking for opportunities to increase productivity and drive inefficiency out of your operation while staying focused on the organization’s goals and strategies. You welcome help from your organization’s Center of Excellence but want to keep a close eye on process improvement projects to ensure your needs are fully met, for example:

  • What assurance will you have that your organization is aligned fully with business goals and objectives?
  • How will you allocate resources to be in sync with shifting business priorities?
  • How do you communicate and drive the adoption of new processes throughout your organization?
  • What will alert you to deviations from expected results so adjustments can be made quickly?
  • How can you ensure the work of your organization is delivering business value?

Business leaders need a common language to aid in understanding the processes they manage and how they interface with others to impact company objectives. With its market-leading business process analysis and management solution, iGrafx has helped business executives worldwide lead their organizations to achieve competitive advantage by optimizing and monitoring key business processes and the use of critical resources to drive superior results.


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