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Transformation & CoE Leader

You are responsible for driving operational excellence throughout the organization, guiding process improvement projects to reduce cost and complexity, increase productivity, and improve the customer experience. You interface with senior leadership and SMEs to develop solutions that improve process performance and lead a team of analysts to design and implement them. But in this cross-functional endeavor, you often encounter resistance and face challenges like these:

  • How do you identify and prioritize improvement opportunities to align with business strategy?
  • What can you do to streamline, accelerate and reduce the cost of designing, communicating and implementing improvement projects?
  • How can you confidently assess what people and processes will be impacted by a new process? What technology and systems will be affected? What risks will it introduce?
  • What is the best way to ensure all stakeholders are involved and informed throughout the process without introducing project bloat and delays?
  • How do you demonstrate the value of your process improvement programs in terms all stakeholders understand?

Without a sophisticated business process analysis and management system that supports your Lean Six Sigma or other continuous improvement methodology, leading transformation efforts will continue to present these kinds of challenges. iGrafx has helped business process improvement executives in hundreds of organizations around the world to synchronize their efforts more effectively with line of business leaders and IT groups, reduce the duration and cost of process improvement projects, and unambiguously prove the value of their programs.

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