iGrafx® Continues to Aid Customers with Risk Management Solutions that Span Across the Business

iGrafx®, a leading provider of Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, announced Risk Management capabilities that help businesses avoid heavy regulatory non-compliance fines by getting their organizational risks under control at the process level.

With every business decision involving a certain amount of risk, it is critical to have the ability to measure, mitigate and monitor risks to increase visibility and decrease uncertainty.  With businesses facing increasingly complex economic, operational, technical, and environmental risks, it’s imperative to have a handle on the rapidly changing environment.

“iGrafx understands that companies need to take an enterprise-wide process approach to reach their strategic business goals,” said Ken Carraher, CEO of iGrafx.  “Effectively managing performance, relationships, the impact of change, and finally, where to focus resources to manage risk, provides the holistic approach needed to keep auditors at bay and increase the ability to achieve business objectives.”

iGrafx Risk Management solutions reduce unplanned business impacts by providing the ability to rapidly identify and mitigate risks at the process level.  By assessing risk at a specific location, context specific control and mitigation strategies can be implemented.  Next, by monitoring the controlling process, real risk mitigation can be achieved.

“The unique value of iGrafx Risk Management solutions is the ability to drill down and assess risks and controls in the context of the processes themselves, allowing for evaluation at the instance level.  Without this ability, only high level risk can be assessed and audits have a higher risk of failure,” said Ed Maddock, VP of Process Management Solutions.

Find out more about iGrafx Risk Management Solutions.

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