News Release – iGrafx announces the acquisition of Logpickr for next-generation process mining.

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Do what you do – better

With iGrafx, organizations can quickly uncover how their business really works. Only by fully understanding your existing processes can you make impactful improvements. For 30 years, iGrafx has helped some of the world’s largest companies optimize their process for a better customer experience and bottom line.

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iGrafx at Building Business Capability 2022

Process expert Mark McGregor will share 21st century business process management imperatives, what we should be looking for in a modern BPM Platform, and more....

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Building Business Capability | June 26-30, 2022

  Conference about business analysis, business decisions, business architecture and business agility. Learn the latest tactics required for your business success!

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How BPM builds Business Resilience

Building agility through business process management (BPM) can aid organizations move forward in their journey out of the Covid-19 pandemic and the challenges it may...

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