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    iGrafx Process360 Live Solution Series: Process Intelligence for All

    Featuring Shoeb Javed, Chief Product Officer, iGrafx In today’s competitive and increasingly complex business lands...

    Strategies for Using Process Mining to Achieve Operational Excellence | June 27, 2023 | 14:00 BST

    Featuring Mark Shatliff, Kristijan Maurovic  A solid strategy for discovering, visualizing, and analyzing critic...

    Achieving Outcome-Oriented BPM for Business Process Excellence

    Taking an outcome-oriented approach to business process management (BPM) helps organizations reduce operational costs, improv...

    Process Mining: Process Improvement from Design to Execution

    Featuring Roland Woldt, James Berrocales Today's organizations need to be able to run effective process management pr...

    iGrafx Process360 Live Solution Series: Automated Compliance

    Featuring iGrafx Solutions Engineer, James Berrocales Compliance is constantly evolving, expensive, and time-consuming...

    iGrafx Process360 Live Solution Series: Continuous Process Optimization

    Featuring iGrafx Vice President of Global Consulting Roland Woldt  In a dynamic environment, teams had to manage ...

    iGrafx Process360 Live Solution Series: Process Modernization

    Featuring Shoeb Javed, Chief Product Officer, iGrafx  Successful organizations are transforming process into adva...

    TABLE RONDE DIGITALE | Process Mining : optimiser la performance des processus par l’exploitation de la data

    Le Process Mining est une démarche d'optimisation des processus. L'idée est d'analyser une séquence d'activités...

    5 Tips to Deliver Great Results Through Process Mining 

    Featuring Roland Woldt, VP Global Consulting, iGrafx While process mining has been massively hyped over the past 3-5 y...

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    People First Process Management Drives Business Value

    When it comes to transformation, it is easy to get wrapped up in, or bogged down by, new and exciting technologies. With so m...

    5 Reasons Journeys Hold the Key to Future Process Success

    Find out why journeys, and not processes, are essential to delivering truly effective operational excellence initiatives in t...

    Control Complexity: Optimisation, Efficiency, Compliance, and Risk Management

    Successful organisations are those that can maintain reliable product and service delivery while adapting to change and manag...
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