The How-to Guide: Building a Compliance & Risk Management Strategy with Process Mining & Design

Organizations in heavily regulated industries like banking, insurance, healthcare, and manufacturing face substantial financial and reputational risk in their operations, and the risk is magnified by an endless number of new regulations. iGrafx enables Risk & Compliance teams to develop digital models of their business processes, propagating risk mitigation strategies typically sequestered in GRC software to the front lines, so that every employee can conduct their business in a risk-informed manner.

Join us on February 28th at 9am CT / 3pm GMT to:

  • Leverage key technology to make your business operationally resilient
  • Understand how to proactively uncover hidden risks and compliance gaps
  • Transform your audit process into a faster, cheaper, and more accurate version of itself
  • Hear real-life success stories of companies that have transformed their compliance strategy

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