DISRUPTED OR DISRUPTOR: Which side are you on?

iGrafx partnered with  PEX Network to investigate the nature of disruption.

‘Disruption’ is the latest euphemism for ‘change’, and unlike ‘transformation’ has a distinctly negative connotation. ‘Disruptors’, though, are a breed apart. There is definitely a love-hate relationship with disruptors: on the one hand, we make celebrities of those who carve out a new world for themselves. On the other, companies and industries can be extremely conservative when it comes to new ideas.

The enthusiasm and number of respondents told us that disruption is an issue that many of us are thinking about – wherever we are in the world. The importance of these topics has captured the imagination of respondents from all over the world, giving us a broad cross-cultural perspective that we weren’t expecting when we began the survey. Large picture to one side, as we look ahead to 2019, we need to see where we fit into the picture as individuals.

Download the report to gain key insights into topics such as:

  • Who is most strongly affected by digital transformation
  • Which transformation projects are mission critical to organizations, today and in the next 18 months
  • How organizations are selecting and prioritizing automation projects
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