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iGrafx 2013 is the latest and greatest release of the most powerful suite of business process management and improvement solutions on the market. With features ranging from Quick Start templates and presentation-ready graphics to SharePoint integration and critical process path analysis, iGrafx 2013 enables companies at any level of process maturity to quickly and easily create, manage and share process data.

  • Create great-looking process maps and robust enterprise models even quicker than before with our improved graphical modeling experience and new, efficient enterprise authoring features.

  • Analyze and present process improvements more efficiently with our Critical Path Analyzer and VSM timeline enhancements.

  • Encourage process visibility across the board by linking data between the iGrafx platform and Microsoft SharePoint collaboration software.

  • Conveniently access critical process documentation on-the-go from smart phone and other mobile devices.

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  • Quick Start

    Gets you productive faster

    The new iGrafx 2013 Quick Start window gets you productive faster with thumbnail previews of each template to quickly identify the right starting point. When assistance is needed, follow the Quick Start links to sample diagrams or succinct tutorials giving step-by-step instructions. New and improved templates include BPMN Basic Process, BPMN Multi-Lane Process, BPMN Collaboration diagram, Handoff Diagram, and more.

    Quick Start
  • Mobile Process Collaboration

    Stay plugged in to process while on the move

    Process information is more valuable if you can see it when you need it! With iGrafx 2013, visualize your process from the shop floor, from your business unit meeting, from your travels… whenever an urgent process-related question comes up. View and annotate iGrafx diagrams and models from any smart phone, tablet or mobile device.

    Mobile Process Collaboration
  • SharePoint Integration

    Extend the reach of process management through your organization

    With the integration between iGrafx 2013 and Microsoft® SharePoint®, you expand the visibility of processes across the organization and avoid duplication of information. Finding iGrafx documents from your SharePoint server searches raises awareness of critical process information by leveraging your existing corporate information portal. Including supporting documentation from SharePoint from inside iGrafx diagrams using intelligent links makes sure that information pertaining to process is captured and accessible in-context, without duplicating documents.

    SharePoint Integration
  • Critical Path Analyzer

    Bring opportunities for improvement into focus

    Leverage your simulation models to visualize critical paths through your processes and maximize improvements. Identify what’s limiting process performance in your organization depending on the priorities you’ve set (e.g., the critical path may be different if cost is more important than speed). Highlighted critical paths are clearly displayed both graphically in the diagram and textually in the adjacent spreadsheet view.

    Critical Path Analyzer
  • Multiple Value Stream Map Timelines

    Perform comparative analysis at a glance

    Map multiple product lines, facilities, process states, or other information side-by-side in the same diagram with each flow associated with its own timeline. With two or more timelines on the same diagram, iGrafx 2013 makes it easy to compare lead times, processing time, and inventory time between related product or information flows. You can also display and contrast both "As Is" value streams and "Future State" value streams flows on the same diagram.

    Multiple Value Stream Map Timelines
  • Drag and Drop Enterprise Model Creation

    Turn diagrams into powerful process architecture in a snap

    Rather than create a foundational architecture of hierarchical, reusable processes and activities one element at a time, use iGrafx 2013 to leverage the process data you’ve already captured in diagrams. Simply open process maps in iGrafx 2013 and drag existing shapes from diagrams to the repository structure to either create the architecture or to update your existing one with reusable process objects.

    Drag and Drop Enterprise Model Creation
  • Efficient Enterprise Model Diagramming

    Save time building visual diagrams of your enterprise

    Create visual models of your enterprise in one click. With iGrafx 2013, as you create diagrams, intelligent suggestions for activities are served up based on your existing architecture to maximize object reuse, reduce errors and save you time. Easily create relationships between objects with object searches and filters to align processes with strategies, resources and systems to set the stage for more powerful analysis.

    Efficient Enterprise Model Diagramming
  • Structured Information for Optimum Navigation

    Organize documents, processes and enterprise objects the way you want

    By using well-known shortcut paradigms, iGrafx 2013 provides the flexibility to organize both documents and enterprise objects as you wish without duplication. Documents can be organized into functional areas, and variants of process structures are exposed in detail, creating easy-to-navigate structures without juggling original indexes.

    Structured Information for Optimum Navigation
  • Extended BPMN Modeling

    Visualize your processes with clarity and precision

    Your process maps must be as clear and descriptive as possible. iGrafx 2013 provides an extended set of BPMN compatible Task Types and Artifacts to allow modeling beyond standard business flows - increasing precision in describing how your business interacts with applications, data and technology.

    Extended BPMN Modeling
  • SAP® Project Shortcuts

    Accelerate custom project creation from global templates

    SAP Solution Manager cross-project shortcuts allow quickly creating customized variations of SAP global process standards in the context of your enterprise model. iGrafx 2013 users can now leverage Blueprint Project templates and other project content as the source for custom projects.