Best Practices for Operational Excellence

Gain a more complete picture of how processes work, pinpoint exactly where problems occur, capture best practices, and share throughout the business.

Operational excellence functions as the foundation for organizational transformation that unlocks full business value. By understanding what customers want and driving internal efficiencies, businesses are better equipped to meet expectations. Improvements developed by the operational excellence team have a lasting impact. This innovation happens across the organization and can more quickly improve the company’s bottom line. Successfully meet operational excellence when:

  • Full visibility and transparency on end-to-end processes across departments and divisions

  • Culture that supports continuous improvement and process change

  • Implement and continuously review and adjust for lasting change through process improvement and monitoring

However, lack of process visibility and inefficient processes themselves can often thwart operational excellence initiatives.

Process Transparency Yields Process Improvement

Process transparency is required across the organization and across many industries. Examples include the home loan sector, an industry where fierce competition is causing unprecedent customer churn. To understand how and why, the operational excellence team can leverage process mining. This gives them more of a complete picture of how the home loan, or similar process, is working. It is then possible to pinpoint exactly where the problems occur and what might constitute best practices. Ultimately, it allows for improvement of the process and to share that best practice throughout the business. After all, any improvement in process can improve customer experience, which can result in a customer saved.

More Visibility, More Impact

Without this visibility into the as-executed processes of an organization, it is nearly impossible to make meaningful change. Often a business will revise a known process without impacting results. The reason for this is not all processes occur as written.

Process mining enriches the analysis and allows organizations to gain awareness to their business process. It enables them to achieve measurable success as it relates to their operational excellence initiatives. With iGrafx, businesses can leverage patent-pending process mining technology combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence. Using the right solutions, teams can better understand the original process plan. They can also gather data on what actually occurs, and seek areas for improvement and optimization.

Learn more about how to support your operational excellence initiatives with iGrafx today, or contact us for more details.

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