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The Wave of Real Digital Transformation - A Driven 2018 Recap

Last week I had the unique opportunity to attend BP3’s “Driven – Innovation in Digital Business Operations” conference right here in Austin. My opportunity wasn’t unique because I was the only guy there, in fact, there were a couple of hundred attendees. It was unique for me because I had just started in my new position with iGrafx a month prior, so I was seeing the event…

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Digital Transformation – It’s No Big Deal!

Well, maybe compared to an even broader “Business Transformation” or especially a full-scale “Business Innovation.” But let’s step back for a second and kill the buzz of this super-buzzy buzzword. “Transformation” means “change.” It’s that…

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Driving Transformation in Japan

iGrafx has a long, rich history in Japan, and has been supporting its customers there for more than 20 years. Today, 800 publicly traded companies (out of 3,600) use iGrafx. Additionally, iGrafx has an overwhelming share in the financial institutions. At one point, almost 50% of the banks in Japan were…

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What makes some businesses better at thriving in disruption?

Written by Guest Blogger, Ian Hawkins, Editor at PEX Network Process improvement and change go hand in hand. But disruption? Disruption is a word loaded with negative connotations. For everyone who embraces the idea of digital disruption there will be hundreds who dread it. But dread is precisely the…

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Broadening Your Thinking About Automation and RPA Project Selection

Process automation platforms and RPA systems are becoming more widely adopted and – when properly deployed – are helping drive significant operational effectiveness and efficiency, along with enabling digital business transformation and better customer experience. How are you identifying,…

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