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#bestbpmplatform: Truly Understanding Impacts of Process Change

What If? “What If…?” Two simple words, with so much potential for impact. What if we could hire more people, buy new equipment, or improve quality? What kind of impact would that have? What if we could find out the results without incurring the cost of more people or equipment, or disruption to the real-life process? That’s the promise of simulation. To let you play with many…

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Going Beyond “WOW!”

All transformation, whether Business or Digital, should begin with the customer in mind. That was pretty much the resounding theme of this years Forrester’s CX Summit in San Francisco. The event kicked off with Forrester CEO, George Colony challenging everyone to identify their ultimate customer…

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A Review of BPM-Club Expert Dialogue - Production Companies Pay Attention!

With a breathtaking view of the Frankfurt skyline, Prof. Harald Zimmermann from the Deggendorf Technical University gave an entertaining talk last week at the BPM Club Expert Dialogue. The title of his Keynote was: ” Lean management is dead, long live the process management! “. Regardless of whether…

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The Future of RPA: Recapping the UI Path Forward Conference

Last week I attended the UI Path Forward conference in scenic Las Vegas, NV. It was an impressive gathering of 3,000 attendees, including 600 partners. There was a great deal of enthusiasm from the attendees and UI Path did a terrific job of creating lots of spaces to network. Overall the RPA industry…

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3 Questions to...Stefan Hessenbruch, Director of Customer Success at iGrafx, About Why BPM and RPA are a Strong Team

Stefan Hessenbruch, Director of Customer Success at iGrafx, recently discussed how you can benefit from a combination of BPM and RPA, and why RPA requires a well-founded process management. At iGrafx, Stefan takes care of all our customers’ needs - from support and training to high-level consulting,…

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