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Essential Blockchain

There’s a lot of talk these days about blockchain. What is it? Hype? FUD? The future? Can it be used for BPM? What does it have to do with Bitcoin? Is it only for digital currency? Despite all of the uncertainty about Blockchain technology, at a very high level it’s not too hard to understand. I will explain it without going into technical details and by taking some large liberties in…

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Primary Research – What Companies REALLY Think About GDPR

“80% of US Firms may be effected by GDPR fines” – Computer Weekly. “50% or more of companies impacted by GDPR will not be prepared” – Gartner With stats like that, it is no wonder the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation is all the buzz in many organizations.…

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Will You Be Compliant?

Written by Guest Blogger, Mathy Sales, President of MS Biz Solutions, Inc. The latest buzz in the corporate world has been around the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Are you ready for the regulation to become enforceable from May 25, 2018? If you are not, it could cost you. This new regulation…

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Introducing iGrafx's Scorecard & RFP Tool

Going out to bid on any new solution is a grind. There are the upfront hours of internal requirements gathering, then the research to identify the optimal list of potential vendors, then the solicitation of the RFP/RFI, the back and forth questions & answers, the untold hours of response reviews, weighting…

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The Burden of Data Security

Security in web based applications is one of the most widely discussed and important topics in modern application development. With the increasingly strong ties between our daily lives and technology, the stakes for keeping sensitive information out of the wrong hands have never been greater. People…

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