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Process Center of Excellence: What is it, and why you need one

The topic of a Process Center of Excellence (CoE) is one that has resonated quite well with our audience recently. Back in April we held a webinar on the topic, and it was one of our best attended presentations yet. Our audience was engaged, learned all about CoE and asked some great questions. (You can download the full recording here). And in the beginning of the year, Aaron Bozeman, Director of…

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Customer Journey Mapping: An Illustrated View

Written by Guest Blogger, Kelly Sewczwicz, Process Manager at Cox Communications. Part 2 of her latest blog series. In my last article, part 1 of this series, I spoke about the recent initiatives we are undergoing to understand our process from the lens of the Customer. (You can read more about that…

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How to Tie the Customer Journey to your Process Framework

Written by Guest Blogger, Kelly Sewczwicz, Process Manager at Cox Communications. Most BPM experts seem to agree that there is the need to merge together the work of customer experience and process improvement teams. Last year I had the opportunity to tag along on a customer journey mapping project…

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The Many Sides of Digital Transformation and a Need for an RPA Reboot – a TEXWeek Recap

Key Takeaways from TEX Week 2018 Last week I was invited to attend TEXWeek in Nashville TN., hosted by our friends at the PEX Network. The intent of the show was to answer the question: “how do you deliver process and operational transformation to your business through digital and technology excellence?”…

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The Usual Sus-PEX

Written by Guest Blogger, Ian Hawkins, Editor at PEX Network How bank processes opened the door to cyber crime PEX is used by organisations large and small to make their operations run more efficiently. This is as true of organised crime as it is of legitimate business, and PEX has directly affected…

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