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Customer Journey is a Process

At this year’s iNNOVATE conference, a world class event for digital transformation and automation, one of our keynote speakers was Rob Koplowitz, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester. He gave a great presentation explaining that process is the lifeblood of digital transformation. And that one of the challenges facing companies is identifying and plotting the path that will best serve both the…

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An Insider's Guide to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is quite possibly the most overused – and at the same time misunderstood—buzzword that’s hit the street in decades. Many organizations feel overwhelmed by not only defining the term, but also by understanding and embracing the numerous tasks and technologies associated…

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Are You Implementing Robotic Process Automation or Anarchy

We have all heard it said, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) “is easy” or “Anyone can do it”. That to some extent may be true. But I can just as easily say that anyone can “perform” brain surgery. Whether or not you survive the procedure however is dependent on the…

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3 Questions with Mark Bednarski, VP Product at iGrafx, on BPM and Customer Journey Maps

If a customer buys a product, this is the result of a long journey that the customer has already taken. Despite all your efforts to make this trip as enjoyable as possible, a small negative experience along the way can make you lose the customer. Mark Bednarski, VP of Product at iGrafx, explains how…

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Have You Seen What’s New – iGrafx 17.6

iGrafx has officially released 17.6 of our leading BPM Platform environment. In this release we are excited to announce several new Reusable Modeling Objects. These include: Capability – You have strategic goals. Understanding how you meeting those goals is important. In iGrafx 17.6 you can map,…

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