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Webinar: Automation & RPA Project Identification, Assessment and Prioritization

We recently co-hosted a webinar with our partner, BP3, around how to identify, assess and prioritize your automation and RPA (robotic process automation) projects. It was a lively discussion between two industry experts, Aaron Bozeman, Regional VP of Major Accounts, North America at iGrafx, and Lance Gibbs, Founder & Chairman at BP3. You can download the webinar here. The discussion started at the…

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Intelligent Automation: What Does the Future Hold?

Written by Guest Blogger, Ian Hawkins, Editor at PEX Network The way that people are talking, writing and thinking about Intelligent Automation is changing; IA is moving on from being a novelty and starting to become part of everyday reality for businesses of every size, around the world. But what does…

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The Transformation Journey: From an Idea to its Ongoing Operational Success

The last ten years have shown great promise in operational change with new and different ways of communicating how a business should be structured to deliver value to its stakeholders. Materials have moved away from stuffy journals and methods, often kept under lock and key by transformation consultancies,…

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BPM Club Meeting in Berlin: Process Management at Panasonic

“The entire process portfolio of the organization is unclear or not transparent”, “Compliance is viewed independently of processes”, “Process knowledge remains with individuals”... we hear this and much more from process managers in companies again and again. It is reason enough to deal more intensively…

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Straightening the Road

As an avid outdoorsman, I’ve spent much of my free time exploring and enjoying the beautiful land and wildlife that central Texas has to offer. On most weekends, you’ll find me loading up my truck and heading out in search of the next off-road adventure with family and friends. At least…

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