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Is Your Organization Ready for Globalization 4.0?

Recently iGrafx announced another new partnership, this time with Gulf Business Machines (GBM), who specializes in deploying and managing IBM’s digital business automation portfolio in the UAE. It’s a perfect partnership, because the most sophisticated business transformation and automation projects require a rock-solid understanding of business processes. But you knew that already. In…

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Unleashing Intelligent Automation Across the Enterprise

The title made it sound a bit violent and exciting, which was the final nudge I needed to agree to fight rush hour traffic and find parking in downtown Austin this past Wednesday morning. Turns out, the traffic wasn’t as bad as I expected (I did have to dodge a few more than usual dockless scooters),…

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Paving the Way for Digital Transformation

In order not to be pushed out of the market, today no company can afford to ignore digitization. While digitization around the turn of the millennium described only the technical process of transforming information into digital data, today it encompasses areas as diverse as industrial production, infrastructure…

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Seeing the Process Forest and the Trees

As the old saying goes, sometimes it’s all too easy to focus so much on something that you can’t see the forest for the trees. This makes sense; we are generally not flying over the forest, nor are we asked to take that broad view. We’re asked to do our day-to-day work. So with processes,…

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Disrupted or Disruptor: Which Side Are You On?

I’ve written pretty extensively about the risks and rewards of embracing digital business transformation, and so have many others here at iGrafx. It’s a fascinating topic, both because “digital business transformation” means SO MANY different things depending on who you ask,…

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