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To Map or To Model – It’s not really a question

For many years now the terms map and model have been used almost interchangeably in the world of process management. But are they really the same thing? The short answer is NO! Let me explain by way of illustration. Let’s say you are up for a road trip and want to drive from Austin to Portland. If you are old school and still believe in paper, you pull out your road atlas and begin to plan your…

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Process Best Practices: The Chefs Are Important

Have you ever experienced the following? It happens to me quite regularly. We are invited to a barbecue and everyone brings something. There are many delicious salads, dips, cakes, etc. and at some point it happens: “Oh, this is so delicious. How did you do that? I absolutely need the recipe!” And the…

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Threading the Needle: Achieving Innovation in a Transformed World

Markets are changing constantly. Companies are trying to keep their heads above water and stay on top of their competitors. But how? Through transformation and innovation. Organizations must find ways to innovate and achieve a competitive advantage, while also transforming their business to create efficiencies.…

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4 Habits of Successful Leaders

Written by Guest Blogger, Paula Bell, CEO at Paula A Bell Consulting. Last month I spoke on the importance of adding value to your organization. The article was focused on how Business Analysts can add value; however, leaders can help in ensuring all work being completed in your organization is adding…

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How to spot a warning sign

Written by Guest Blogger, Ian Hawkins, Editor at PEX Network Do things happen in your business which escalate and cause problems further up the chain? Do things fall apart because an instruction hasn’t been followed? The band Van Halen used to have a line in their technical rider, a document that…

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