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An Ever-So-Brief History of Process Modeling

Let’s take a little journey back in time, shall we? Hang with me—I promise not to stop off in the 80s. Since the creation of the Gantt chart in 1899, Flowcharts in the 1920s, Functional Flow Block Diagrams and PERT chart in the 1950s, and Data Flow Diagrams and IDEF in the 1970s, a proven set of success factors using process modeling has shaken out over time.

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BPMN Extensions Provide a Higher Level of Visual Communication

In addition to the BPMN standard, “Data Modeling” provided by the “out of the box” Data Objects included in BPMN 2.0, LEAD adds “Information Modeling” objects and “Business Modeling” objects. This allows both the Information and Business modeler to use the same BPMN diagraming standard which provides…

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Filling in the Gaps of BPMN

The BPMN standards group has a goal.  What’s that?  To continue to fill the gaps to allow for maximum fidelity of model interchange between vendors, and they are tirelessly putting forth efforts to enhance the standard in this regard.

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BPMN: Strive for Bigger Yet-attainable Business Objectives

Standard, schmandard. You can declare anything you’d like a “standard”, but unless people actually use it, calling it a “standard” puts it into its own category – look under “L” for “Lame”. Standards find adoption success by following a tried and true mix of usefulness (complementing and enhancing…

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Announcing Our New iGrafx Blog!

We’re very excited to announce to you our new iGrafx Blog. Our intent is to provide you with some informative posts to ponder - we’ll touch on new and innovative concepts, methodologies, and the best practices that we leverage every day while helping our customers with their quest to better manage processes…

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