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The Combustive Nature of Digital Transformation

The first in a 3 part blog series by iGrafx CTO, Ed Maddock Digital transformation is quite possibly the most overused - and at the same time misunderstood - term that’s hit the streets in decades. And that’s saying a lot, being exposed to more industry-speak than I can remember since founding iGrafx in 1991. However, when broken down to its core components, “Digital Transformation”…

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3 Key Questions Answered by Dr. Thomas Starke, Managing Director at Dr. Starke Management Systems

Are standards requirements also reflected in processes? Sure, they are. But how important is planning process management for auditors and process managers? We will address this question in our brief interview with Dr. Thomas Starke, Audit Expert and Managing Director at Dr. Starke Management Systems.…

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BPM & Automation: Think in Slices not Layers

Recently at iGrafx iNNOVATE, Robert Thacker, Director of Global Product Marketing & Enablement at iGrafx, spoke with Michael White, Director of Sales & Professional Services at iGx Solutions Ltd., about the challenges with implementing automation and BPM projects. During the conversation, Michael explained…

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Munich Airport: Process Goals Come From Corporate Strategy

According to a recent survey by PwC’s strategy consultancy, just under a third (32 percent) of German companies have a clearly defined strategy and 19 percent say they have no strategy at all. Does that surprise you? Furthermore, the majority of German managers are not convinced their corporate strategy…

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A Look Back at iGrafx iNNOVATE 2019

The last week of April we hosted our first annual iGrafx iNNOVATE conference in Dallas, Texas. The purpose of the event was to engage a community of analysts, industry experts and like-minded individuals to explore the transformation and automation trends that are shaping and disrupting every industry.…

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