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Approaching VSM and Use of Computers with Takt

Overview of Lean and Value Stream Mapping Lean is based on the Toyota Production System (TPS), and that system is focused on the flow of ‘product’ (good or service) through the entire process. One of the 5 core principles of Lean is to identify the value stream for each product providing customer-desired value, and remove all of the wasted (non-value-added) steps in providing that product.…

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Survive & Thrive: 9 Emerging Business Process Pillars

Fact: Only 60 of the original Fortune 500 companies remain on the Fortune 500 today. In other words, ~88% of the original Fortune 500 from 1955 have either gone bankrupt, merged, been acquired or fallen from the upper echelon of US businesses. And over the last 25 years with the advent of the Internet,…

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The Key to Change Management

Written by Guest Blogger, Kelly Sewczwicz, Process Manager at Cox Communications. Everywhere I see articles talking about how constant change is going to be the new normal and that companies need to figure out how to embrace it. Last year, I heard similar sentiments, but I do think it’s getting…

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The Week in Review

Last week iGrafx attended the OPEX Business Transformation Summit in Orlando FL. We have sponsored this event for the past 10 years and always enjoy making new contacts, and talking to our current customers about how they have used iGrafx to overcome their challenges with Operational Excellence and…

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Digital Process Automation's Path of the Future

Written by Guest Blogger, Kelly Sewczwicz, Process Manager at Cox Communications. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend the iGrafx Customer Conference last October and listen to Rob Kolplowitz, the principal analyst at Forrester for digital process automation, speak about Forrester’s…

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