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New and Improved Comments

Wouldn’t it be great if you could provide, receive, manage, and document feedback when reviewing a diagram? We think so and with the proper tools you can. Good collaboration among team members is invaluable in any company. Our team at iGrafx experiences this first hand, so we set out to build a platform that provides the means to do just that. We asked ourselves “what makes for good collaboration?”…

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Making Customer's Lives Easier with Microsoft Office Preview

Viewing a Microsoft Office document while on the go can sometimes be a frustrating experience-especially if you don’t have Office on your computer. Even with Office on your computer, you still need to download the document, then wait for it to open; which can be a hassle if you wanted to quickly…

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The Process *IS* The Model. Or at Least it Should Be.

What is Business Process Automation and How Much Do You Really Need Right Now? A Q&A with Aaron Bozeman, Head of iGrafx Customer Success As part of my relatively new role as Chief Marketing Officer at iGrafx, I’ve been spending time with the subject matter experts across the company asking questions…

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Don't Get Buried by Brick & Mortar!

Do you know what used to mean “Solid,” “Trustworthy” and “Long-lasting?” Brick and Mortar. Businesses in the 20th century and earlier were all about brick and mortar and a solid foundation one could trust. Today it usually means something completely different: “Old,”…

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May You Live in Interesting Times

Dear iGrafx Community,

“May you live in interesting times,” so the saying goes. And whether it’s a blessing or a curse, there is no doubt that we’re living in interesting times today.

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