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Transformation is a Four Letter Word

(And other pearls of wisdom from the 2018 OPEX Exchange in Austin, Texas) Despite working with IQPC in a variety of capacities for at least a decade, this was the first “OPEX Exchange” event that iGrafx has participated in. And I’ll admit, I was skeptical. I’ve managed demand generation budgets for a long time, and especially in recent years I’ve been inundated with requests…

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GDPR – You Need More Than Just Talk

There’s been a lot of talk recently about GDPR. It’s all over the Internet, and is popping up in stories on TV and on NPR. Unfortunately, much of the info to-date seems to take a bit of a scare tactic approach, focusing on how much non-compliance may cost you. As you may have seen a few…

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If you like web modelling in the iGrafx Platform, then you will LOVE the latest iGrafx 17.3 release!

This past week iGrafx released the latest updates in release 17.3 that enhanced web modelling and reporting. Here are a few of the highlights: All Licenses: When scrolling large diagrams, pool and phase headers remain visible and pools automatically expand to fit shapes. The text-based links now support…

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GDPR is Coming: The 5 Most Important Compliance Challenges

In a study on Risk Management and BPM that we conducted in July 2017, 50% of companies surveyed said their processes and systems differed across departments. Because of this, they find it difficult to get a complete view of the possible risks. Half a year later, not much has changed! These and other…

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Rules Before Tools! And Other Key Takeaways from OPEX Financial Services in Austin

I’m a 28-year sales and marketing vet, but have only been in the operational excellence space since July of last year when I became the Chief Marketing Officer at iGrafx. It’s been quite a journey up the learning curve, because for every three letter acronym I knew from all my years in sales,…

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