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One View of Business Architecture

Business architecture can be a broadly used term, and depending on your organization, may have many different connotations.

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Why Are You Doing That?

In taking a look back at experiences with many of the customers I’ve worked with over the years, one simple concept is often overlooked, especially when it comes to documenting or improving their processes.

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Remove Technology Barriers to Achieving Change

Visibility and knowledge are powerful and necessary tools to help an organization be agile, but aren’t always enough. Actually implementing the change can be the sticking point, especially when technology is involved.

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Craving Agility? Get Yourself a Good Model.

In large organizations, it’s easy to imagine the number of strategies, competencies and processes and the complexity in the links between them. The operational model provides the ability to expose this complexity and provide transparency around how changes need to ripple through the organization…

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Keeping it Real – Model Reality for Better Business Agility

Operational modeling from strategy through to execution is an excellent start to understanding how your company functions and being able to react quickly to change. But there is an issue with models – many times they are representations of what is thought to be true, but unless they are very tightly…

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