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Process Mapping vs. Process Modeling -- What's the Difference?

See our new infographic that gives you a side-by-side comparison of process mapping vs. process modeling.  It will clearly illustrate for you the above and beyond value of process modeling as the method of choice to ensure your process management capabilities are positioned to grow with you, and effectively support continuous improvement within your organization.

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Risk Management and the Benefits of a Sophisticated Business Process

Most businesses are doing some form of risk management.  Managed risks are one thing, but unmanaged risks can be pretty difficult to estimate and accommodate for. A much more sophisticated approach is necessary for a business to really have a better view into potential risks.

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Managing Change to Minimize Dodd-Frank Disruption

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is well known by financial companies providing retail and commercial banking, asset management and capital markets services. Introduced in 2010, the bill proposes the most substantial reform to the financial services industry in over 50 years…

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What's the Big Deal About Dodd-Frank?

Andrea Kramer talks with Nathaniel Palmer from about the reasons why Dodd-Frank is particularly challenging, and why organizations that have a BPM structure are best equipped to thrive in a post Dodd-Frank world.

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5 More Reasons to Use Business Modeling to Manage RESPA-TILA Reform

Any new regulation - and in the financial services sector there are plenty, Dodd-Frank has seen to that- requires an organization to understand how current processes work and design which changes need to be rolled out. There are different ways of accomplishing this, but the way one mortgage lender went…

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