A Look Back at iGx Solutions & iGrafx Seminar

“When doing what you’ve always done is no longer an option.”

It was a gorgeous sunny day in London as the attendees made their way to the Seminar at Marlin Hotel on Westminster bridge road. Once everyone had registered, grabbed a coffee and taken their seats, the content rich Seminar was ready to start.

I kicked off the morning by welcoming everyone and sharing my thoughts on why it is essential for businesses to take a process-centric approach. “We exist to help businesses define and embed a Process Centric view that enables the adoption of business initiatives and technologies such as: Risk & Compliance Management, Workflow & Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We achieve this by analyzing the opportunities & defining the business benefits, then building an ROI-based business case and investment prioritization framework to deliver month-on-month cumulative business benefits.” I went on to describe iGx Solutions ‘thin deep slice’ approach for automation success using the iGrafx platform.

Katharina Hecht (Pre-Sales Team Lead EMEA, iGrafx), followed with her presentation on how to manage compliance complexity, along with a brief overview of the iGrafx platform. Katharina shared how using iGrafx as a single platform for all compliance requirements delivered consistency, enterprise reporting and a simpler more effective compliance management and monitoring solution.

To emphasise the compliance capability of iGrafx, I walked the audience through a recent iGx Solutions case study where the Client had struggled to demonstrate compliance for almost 20 years spending millions with big consultancies. iGx Solutions using the iGrafx platform helped the client achieve compliance within 9 months.

Everyone broke for another greatly needed coffee and chat. It was fantastic to see so many people, connecting with one another in the break; and the donuts and pastries went very quickly!

After the refreshments, Michael White (iGx Solutions Professional Services Director) shared a summary of his recent LinkedIn article “The changing dynamics of the workplace, and how the worker’s landscape is changing,” with his thought-provoking commentary on Millennials and Gen Z. Especially their expectation for automation and AI to be used within organizations to reduce repetitive and mundane tasks.

“Millennials and Gen ‘Z’ are very tech savvy and see automation (BOTs) as something to help them do their jobs. They want to make an impact and want the opportunity to perform more rewarding and valuable tasks.”

We heard again from Katharina on, “Applying workflow to operational risk,” and saw her demonstrate the iGrafx application R.O.P.E (Risk & Opportunity Process Excellence). She enlightened the audience on how, using iGrafx, you could very quickly implement a risk management culture across an organization, enabling identification, qualification, assessment, mitigation, tracking and reporting all from ROPE.

“Automate risk discovery to ensure consistent reporting, reviews, and approvals across the organization.”

Before the next break, David Brakoniecki (MD of BP3), ran through his brilliantly charismatic and insightful presentation on “Avoiding the Pitfalls of Automation.” Where he helpfully clarified the ‘types’ of Automation that organisations should consider, how to identify which type suited which opportunity and how to approach an enterprise wide RPA initiative.

And then…Mmmmm, more coffee and donuts!

When everyone was settled again, Michael White ran through “Measuring Transformation and Change,” where he shared a unique, holistic, integrated multi-methodology model used for Transformation success.  Michael clearly explained how to define measurements, and how using iGrafx you can map interim and goal measurements to KPIs and strategic objectives as part of your benefits realization management program.

Zahid Anwar (Partner Manager UK, Servicetrace) articulated the uniqueness of their recently released X1 RPA platform.  He described how its patented technology and fully managed capability is disrupting the RPA market, and emphasized the importance of Process Centricity to model your organisation. This was followed by a great automation demonstration on “Building a BOT,” by Servicetrace’s very own Julian Gross, who actually built a fully operational BOT in 10 minutes!

This segued nicely into Mario Antonio’s (Managing Director, AMS) presentation on A.I. design and implementation. Here Mario explained the types of AI available, their uses and benefits, and real-world examples approaches organizations need to take for reaping the benefits of AI.

Before lunch Ian Hawkins (Editor of PEX Network) who had recently interviewed Trevor and Michael, hosted a Q&A session with a panel made up from presenters and three seminar attendees, experts in compliance and process (David Sayer, Giuliana Bruce, Katharina Hecht & Vinod Bhatia). This was probably the highlight of the day that had everyone interacting and discussing the key questions raised during the presentations. You can click to watch the video here.

Marlins out did themselves with the spread for lunch, and again everybody was networking and discussing the seminar key messages over sandwiches and coffee.

In the afternoon, there were further scheduled demonstrations of the platform’s capability and discussions on practical implementation for specific businesses. It was great to see such a fantastic day come together so well and be enjoyed by everyone.

Trevor Moore
July 26, 2019

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